Rebecca Merritt

Asia's American Voice

Rebecca Jessica Merritt was born in Switzerland, but raised in Midwest America by a British Mum and an American Father. She has lived in the North, South, East and West of the U.S. and can do a wide array of accents and voices. 

Rebecca worked as a professional stage actress (mainly Shakespearian) for a number of years and has been in commercials, movies and print ads. She spent many years as a Montessori and kids yoga teacher and currently works as a freelancer. Rebecca leads storytelling and works as a performer for World Family English and Dove Tales. Most recent roles include Juliet (Romeo and Juliet), Hermia (A Midsummer Night's Dream), and Sarah (Your Choice) with Dove Tales. As a crew member with World Family English; she acts, sings and dances in the Play Along with Froggy show and the Christmas Show, 2018.  Rebecca also worked with The Theatre Bus and performed the role of Scarlett O'Hara in the last scene of Gone with the Wind and as Ilsa in the last scene of Casablanca for a major private corporate event in December, 2017. Rebecca can next be seen as Titania and Hippolyta in A Midsummer Night's Dream with the Hong Kong Shakespeare Performance Association. The performances will be outdoors and free to the public Feb. 15th, 16th and 17th, 2019. Please follow the company at https://www.instagram.com/hongkongshakespeare/

Based out of Hong Kong for the past six years, she works mainly from her home studio but is able and willing to travel. She can be heard as the voice of Vilin in Star Citizen Quantum Paradox, Episode 2 (*see track below). Most recently she has been recording educational pieces for private companies in Hong Kong.

Rebecca is listed with Aya Recording Studio https://www.ayarecordingstudio.com/voice-over  

and Neon Lights Agency https://www.neonlightshk.com


"Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning."

~Maya Angelou 


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Hong Kong


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E-Mail:  rebeccajmerritt@gmail.com                                    Hair / Eyes: Blonde / Blue



A Midsummer Night's Dream      Titania, Hippolyta            Hong Kong Shakespeare Performance Association

As You Like It                                  Celia                                   MT. Shakes in the Parks/D. Joel Jahnke

She Stoops to Conquer                 Kate Hardcastle               MT. Shakes in the Parks/D. Bill Brown

The Merchant of Venice                Jessica, Nerissa                MT. Shakespeare in the Schools

Trojan Women                                Helen of Troy                   Renaissance Theaterworks/D. Angela Iannone

Othello                                             Desdemona                      Milwaukee Shakespeare Co./D. Robert G. Anderson

Henry V                                            Katherine                         Milwaukee Shakespeare Co. /D. Bill Brown

Much Ado About Nothing             Margaret                           Milwaukee Shakespeare Company/D. Drew Brhel

The Winters Tale                            Mopsa                               Milwaukee Chamber Theatre/D. Montgomery Davis

Pygmalion                                       Parlor Maid                       Milwaukee Chamber Theatre/D. J.R. Sullivan

A Midsummer Night’s Dream      Hermia                              National Shakespeare Conservatory/D. Rosey Hay

Hansel and Gretel                          Gretel                                Bunny Gumbo Productions

Carpe   Martha                               Martha Stewart                Bunny Gumbo Productions (Best of BG)

Fred’s Not Dead, Yet!                     Mrs. Rogers                     Bunny Gumbo Productions

The Greeks                                      Iphigenia                          Shanghai Experimental Theatre, China

The Greeks, Part A                         Iphigenia, Helen             Professional Theatre Training Program

The Greeks, Part B                         Hermione                        Professional Theatre Training Program

Tartuffe                                            Marianne                         Professional Theatre Training Program

UBU                                                  Boogerlas                         Professional Theatre Training Program

The Art of Success                         Queen Caroline              Professional Theatre Training Program

Our Town                                        Rebecca                            Professional Theatre Training Program

Uncle Vanya                                    Marya                                Professional Theatre Training Program

You Can’t Take it With You           Alice (u/s)                         Professional Theatre Training Program


Britney Baby-One More Time 

(Sundance Film Festival)            Debbie                                One More, Inc. Dir: Ludi Boeken

He’s Just Not That Into you        Extra                                   Director: Ken Kwapis


Killian’s Red Print                      The Red Head                     Paul Elledge Photography, Inc.

Kohl’s Dept. Store                      Sales Associate                   B&G Productions

Rainbow/Food4less                    Shopper                               Sterling Productions

Mill’s Fleet Farm                        Customer                             I.V. Media

Mill’s Fleet Farm                        Girlfriend                             I.V. Media

Mill’s Fleet Farm                        Girlfriend                             I.V. Media

Milwaukee Public Schools        Café Customer                   Mercury Communications


BFA in Acting, The Professional Theatre Training Program, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee

- Stanislavski/Yale Acting Technique:                                         James DePaul

- Movement, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Laban Efforts, Clown:      Bill Walters

- Alexander Movement Technique:                                             Michael Johnson-Chase

- Linklater Voice Technique:                                                        Christine Adaire

 The National Shakespeare Conservatory                                  Kerhonkson, New York 


SAG Candidate                      


Theatre Reviews

O for a muse of fire indeed

‘Henry V’ production could use more flashes of humanity

By Damien Jaques       Milwaukee Journal Sentinel       

“It’s a shame that Rebecca Merritt has only two scenes, because she raises the Milwaukee Shakes production to a different level when she is on stage. Playing the French princess Katherine, who is about to be married off to Harry as part of a peace treaty, Merritt embodies a shy young woman resigned to her fate but also intrigued by the possibilities. 

Although demure, she lights the stage with an electric energy that is very compelling. A scene that shows her learning the English words for parts of the body from an older teacher is pure magic.”


Theater Trojan Wars (Trojan Women)    

By Robert Richard Jorge       Shepherd Express

“And thank goodness for Rico Rosetti’s cocky Menelaus, the victor, and especially Rebecca Merritt as Helen of Troy. Their reunited scene provides the only relief from the tale’s relentless doom and despair. Helen’s insouciant dismissal of responsibility as the object of a 10-year war, rewrites history before the crowd. Merritt, an extraordinarily fine young actress (her Katherine in Henry V.. last fall is well remembered), handles this tricky task superbly."

Trojan Women Review

By Damien Jaques       Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

“……….and a slinky Rebecca Merritt, playing Helen, provides a cool contrast to the overheated emotions of the other women.”

There’s much to relate in this Shakespeare tale

  ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

By Damien Jaques       Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"A fine supporting cast includes well-focused work from Mark Metcalf (Leonata), Betsy Skowbo (the wronged hero), Rebecca Merritt (Margaret) and Jeremy Woods (Claudio).”


By Damien Jaques       Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“The Desdemona played by Rebecca Merritt has credibility. She is lovely, reserved and carries an aura of chaste true-heartedness.”